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The Party


Gathered, stuck yet surviving

Furtive wolves laying out all our secrets 

Furrowed togetherness through the candlelight

Dislodged, the shadow cornered mind cries out for all of us

The last children

Bleached white in memory


Partners and fathers gone

Fox hungry 

Sniffing sympathy on the air

You left us, how could you leave me

I’m the blight on rose petals

Fixing wire strangled edges

Cut deeply, 

Listen all you stickleback clods

Trailing in the liquid, leaving behind your tangled threaded tears


You know, the empty tales that we’ve all heard before

The mighty histories 

Cask tight we commit ourselves to our laughter

It's the contract of our friendship

And the music 

Reminding us of love before it punched holes the size of planets into us

Gassy and vacant left to sponge out into the years

Nothing grows except the follicles

Still pumping out energy, once fuel for all our carnivorous pleasures





The Pells


Sloop jack oily skin

Breaking and stabbing through smooth oil sure surfaces

Mitreing forward and ice mirrored

Sliding and crisscross skimming

Quick Stabbing into the air

Crisp cracks

Twist and flutter of feel soft down

Still reflected undulating opaque pea green

Lightness pricks the silent solvent surfaces

All reflected in apple green circles 

Unending as the universe, enduring, spreading outwards

A blackbird, unsteady stalks, dragging its wings

Anything could happen


The leaves hanging and dripping

Occasional flutterings 

A quick quick slow dance of stillness 

Light dripping, leaves dropping, expectant and waiting


Underneath worlds merge and emerge

As bay fingering twigs reach out

Depth covered and exposed for weaving paddle fresh legs

All stillness splintered into shrill repetitive beats that only they know

Cut through, the guttural murmurings of life

Soothed only by the words of a mother

Continuing and all is still, all is alive


Among fallen shiny brown globes

Gathered soft and rain moist

Under the surface dipping down into deeper worlds






Steel Sore Eye


Steel Sore Eye

A fine time to sacrifice yourself

Living comfortably, softened by a child's toy

The spindling down to the final stair

Carved surely and pressed into plastic 


The sorceress has disarmed her weapons

Once glassy eyed love, now steel and sore 

Cocking, all the time wasted on things you thought you knew

The worlds too big for you and me

And Spinning aimlessly our dizzying senses

Softened by an effortless breath 

Time soothes and mother's milk flows

The tide of



Memory egged on, stuffed, mute and sunk deep into cushions

A carnivorous tooth grinding down 

Leaping over a studded landscape

Hurrying past the tiny noises

But Saying nothing

Pitted against a void so huge

Your anger

It engulfs your jaw and your words boom leaving the untouched  leavened surface

Twisted by truths that exist only out to sea

Every one and everything lost to pirates





The Bees Fall From The Sky 


Nature clutters about us

Bees fall from the sky

Licks dry polish your soul

And nature clutters about us 

As the bees fall from the sky

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